Planet Blue is a project that is the result of our goal to bring new ideas to cnc routers

CNC router is suitable for the cutting of materials lighter than iron
Cutting these metals produces very fine dust.
Regardless, most cnc routers operate in an open environment and have no ability to manage
this fine dust and protect operators.
Therefore, not leaving dust in the machine's working area or in mechanical areas will reduce
cleaning time and shorten operation time because no cleaning is required.

Protect human life

In recent years, health problems caused by exposure to cutting dust has become a problem. However, Planet Blue is upset the common sense of the past referred, and it is completely dust-free structure and it will be no cutting dust in the working space, dust is a serious impact on human health and we realized resolution of social issues.

Protect human life

Clean environment.

Contamination in the cutting area due to dust has become a health problem. "Planet Blue" has sealed the cutting area by controlling the dust collection and creating negative pressure in order to improve the working environment and prevent atmospheric dust. Additionally the spindles are cooled by air flow via dust collection, preventing the need for coolant pumps and forced liquid cooling and further protecting the global environment.

Clean environment. Clean environment.

Maintenance fee and cost reduction.

The dust generated during the cutting process is very abrasive and can damage the machine's drive units. The Shoda Company has redesigned their machines to isolate the drive units from the working area, greatly reducing the possibility of contamination and deteriorization of the drive units. We estimate the yearly maintenance savings to be approximately $22,000 and to be $220,000 for 10 years when processing ceramic dust as compared to conventional systems.

Maintenance fee and cost reduction.

Significantly reduce the clean-up time.

By sealing the processing area, the cutting dust in the work area is not generated, clean-up time of the day will be reduced about 30 minutes.
Therefore, compared with the current NC router, it will be realized to reduce about $4,000 per year, and about $40,000 to 10years.

Significantly reduce the clean-up time. Significantly reduce the clean-up time.

About pneumoconiosis


The pneumoconiosis

Small dusty and people who are working in the mineral or mineral dust generated environment, such as the grain of metal, by inhaling a large amount of the dust over a long period of time, the organization of the lungs is fibrosis and, loose the elasticity.

Symptoms of pneumoconiosis

Early symptoms are such as shortness, cough, increase phlegm. However, if the lung tissue destroy is progressed, causing difficulty in breathing. In addition, you must be careful because it predisposes bronchitis, lung cancer, to complications such as pneumothorax. Even without notice and are doing the dust work, symptoms of pneumoconiosis will progress slowly over a dozen years from a few years.


Kinds of pneumoconiosis

The rate of progression of symptoms depends on causative chemical composition and size of the particles of dust, volume of intake. In addition, there are individual differences, such as by gender, age and constitution. The following are some of the key ones of the classification by the chemical composition of the dust.

  • Silicosis

    Caused by inhalation of dust containing free silicic acid, like Quartz, and Silica.

  • Aluminum lung

    Cause by inhalation of aluminum dust. Progress is fast, difficult breathing within a few years, appear symptoms weakness.

  • Bauxite lung

    Cause by inhalation of the bauxite dust (raw materials of aluminum). Progress is very fast, leading to death in two to four years.

  • Siderotic

    Caused by the iron oxide inhalation. It is seen in the electric welder. It is not very fast.
    However, if continues to suction, the lungs will become hard and breathing difficult in a few decades. Treatment becomes impossible.

  • Asbestosis lung

    Caused by inhalation of asbestos (asbestos). Merger of lung cancer in many cases. In addition, the merger of the malignant mesothelioma.

Treatment of pneumoconiosis

Once affected to the pneumoconiosis, also the disease is progressed after quit the work. For pneumoconiosis itself, currently, does not have a method of treatment. For a cough, it has antitussive, expectorant agent for sputum, for breathing difficulties will be the accordance with the symptoms, such as oxygen therapy.

It does not return to normal lung after quit the dust work. Once applied to pneumoconiosis, the disease will be progressed. Further, when considering that there is no fundamental treatment to cure pneumoconiosis, it will be important such as dust control, local exhaust ventilation, to ensure the exposure prevention measures, wearing of respiratory protective equipment.

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